Photo 4

For as long as I can remember, there has been a constrictor, of some sort, that has intertwined with various aspects of my life. This hindering thing has made it difficult to live what I think may be a normal life. In these images, I draw from my car accident, my fear of traveling overseas, my need for eye magnification, my inability to swim under water, and my lack of athleticism. Living with these difficulties, as an adult, is sometimes challenging. Here, that challenge is given a physical form. The constrictor takes the form of a black rubber tube. With this tube, the presence of the constrictor, as well as the feeling that it causes, is presented. A model, used as a stand in for me, wears my clothes. I photograph him with different items to signify the different parts of my life affected by a psychological or physical restriction. The model’s positioning suggests vulnerability. In order to present a feeling of adolescence, the lighting studio is used. A torn, curling, blue backdrop is placed over an in tact red backdrop to reiterate the feeling of something taking over. The lighting and backdrops together present the nostalgic look of family or children’s portraiture.

Model -  thechildchief

White Fence - A Need You

I need you to stay
but if it’s on your way
come right down
to me
i don’t care if it’s over
because i’m over me
and i’ve gone outside
i need you to be
wherever i could be
no one left to swallow
and you’ll understand
i need you tohear
in case of roaring fear
and i’ll take that chance
with you
i don’t care if i’m falling
because you’ll fall with me
in style
just in case you’re wondering
low low low
i need you to stay
but if i’m on your way
come right down to me


Julia Brown - 05/21 (Birdtapes Session)

Wait wait wait. I almost forgot it was May 21st but caught it just in time.  So hurry and enjoy today’s song.

may twenty first 
it was all going to end that year 
they said it on tv 
you came over to my house 
we stayed in bed until five 
when you left you kissed me by your car 
how i wish it had ended then 
things wouldn’t have gone how they did 
everything would have grown cold 
we both would have turned into dust